getting tickled is seriously the worse kind of torture 

this is fucking adorable.

Omg, tickling Cas and his wings flailing about. I can only see poor Sam getting thrown into the wall so many times…

oki what the FUCK are you guys doing
what are all those notes
are u sick

Dude. I can picture them finding out Cas is ticklish. Sam would hold his arms while Dean went to town on him until the angel CRIED from laughing so hard and so much. What’s family for if not to exploit your weaknesses for their amusement. And yours.

Sam wakes up when something heavy hits his back.

He twists away from the wall in the tiny hotel room, hand going for the knife under the mattress, turns to face the threat, and gets a mouthful of feathers.

“Dean!” he gasps out, because after gently - as much as possible, at least, with how much they were flapping around and twitching - separating two long feathers to get a good look at the room, he can see Dean has pinned Cas down on the bed and is in the process of tickling the poor angel to death.

He has to admit, he’d never heard Cas laugh, not this long or this joyously. And Cas’s face is relaxed, open, mouth wide and head thrown back, hands flailing, as Dean sneaks his fingers into armpits and the soft belly, along the ribs and even in the dips of Cas’s collarbones.

Still. Someone has to act the grownup here.

“Dean, oh my god, how old are you?” he demands, trying to get off the bed - Cas’s wing is heavy and forceful and slapping at Sam’s chest - and get to Dean. “Let go of him!”

Dean pauses, and then lowers his head down to Cas’s ear. They both turn to look at Sam and Sam gets that sinking feeling all younger siblings do when their elder sibling stares at them like that.

“No, Dean, don’t even - “

Dean half-pounces, half-flops across to Sam’s bed as Cas pulls his wings back and gives Dean the opportunity to slam Sam down onto the bed. Sam yelps, because he hates being tickled, it is pure torture, and then suddenly Cas is leaning over Sam’s head.

“Cas - ” he begins, but that smile hasn’t left Cas’s face and suddenly Cas is tickling him too, and it’s four in the morning and they’re shrieking like toddlers and it is the best fun Sam can remember ever having in a long, long time.


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Lucifer must return in season 10 and here’s why:

  1. image

    On August 1st it will be five years from this line in “The End”
  2. image

    Because there’s literally know way this can just be coincidence i mean really
  3. This gem is on Mark Pellegrino’s Wikipedia pageimage
  4. image
  5. Cas is running out of grace and he didn’t have any in this episode 
  6. Demon Dean can access hell
  7. Come on they need to go get Adam its been 5 seasons 
  8. Please we all miss him





Just so you know the oldest person in America is a black woman living in Detroit named Jeralean Talley. That’s right - she was born in 1899. That’s three centuries she’s lived in. She was on  bowling team till she was 104. She still goes to church. This woman saw prohibition, women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, two world wars, a list of other dumb shit, all the way to the birth of the internet and of her great-great grandson, a child who’s 14 months old.


This is great

And to think, she only looks like she 83 for real for real.

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